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E33 Productions has the ability to provide lighting services at many locations throughout the MIT campus, but we most often work in the CAC controlled performance spaces on campus. Here you can learn more about these frequently used spaces. You can also learn about our two storage spaces on campus.

E33 Offices (Buildings W20 and 50)

Our primary office is in the student center (MIT building W20). Most of our stock lives here. In particular, the shared masonite that belongs to La Sala is stored in this office.

Our secondary office in the Walker Memorial (MIT building 50). We store equipment here for use in Walker Memorial, the MIT Media Lab, Sloan, Eastgate, and various other locations on the east side of campus.

Kresge Auditorium (Building W16)


Kresge Auditorium is the largest performance space on campus with a capacity of 1,200 people. Kresge Auditorium owns large amounts of electrical equipment which E33 operates for various groups.

Click here to find Kresge Auditorium on the MIT Campus Map

Kresge Little Theater (Building W16)

Kresge Little Theater

Kresge Little Theater is a proscenium theater with a capacity of 200 people. Kresge Little Theater owns its own stock of lights which E33 operates for various groups.

Click here to find Kresge Little Theater on the MIT Campus Map

Morss Hall (Walker Memorial, Building 50)


Morss Hall is a large banquet hall on the first floor of Walker Memorial. Conveniently located near one of E33's storage spaces, Morss Hall is one of the main places where E33 provides lighting services.

Click here to find Walker Memorial on the MIT Campus Map

La Sala de Puerto Rico (Building W20)

La Sala de Puerto Rico

La Sala is a multipurpose room suited for many purposes from career fairs to theatrical performances. La Sala has a built in electrical system and a stock of lighting equipment, making it easy for E33 to operate lights in the space.

Click here to find La Sala on the MIT Campus Map

Other Spaces on Campus

E33 also works in a variety of other spaces on campus. We have worked in Lobdell (W20), the Media Lab (E14 and E15), various classrooms (26-100, 10-250), outside (East Campus Courtyard, the Dot), and more. Note that classrooms require advance notice and additional planning, as special permission is required to set up any kind of lighting. We will consider shows located anywhere on campus and will do our best to make any space work.

Off Campus

Unfortunately, E33 cannot work shows off of the MIT campus.