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On this page is an explanation of our pricing policies, our rates for hourly wages, and our rates for equipment and expendables rentals.

Pricing Policies

E33 charges student groups lower rates than non-student groups. We know that our fellow student groups have tight budgets, and it is important to us that as many groups as possible can use our services. To this end, we have three tiers of pricing: student groups, other MIT groups, and external groups.

Worker Hourly Rates

E33 pays its members for their work. The rates are as follows:

Charge TypeStudent Groups Internal EventsExternal Events
Technical Operator$13$15$17
Skilled Technician$15$17$19
Spotlight Operator$15$17$19
Lighting Designer$17$19$21
Production Manager$19$21$23

Groups are charged the appropriate amount for the type of work done for their event. Additionally, the hourly work rates are multiplied by 1.5 for work done between midnight and noon.

Rental Rates

E33 rents its own equipment to other groups. Usually E33 members must be present to operate this equipment, but sometimes we rent equipment to groups who can prove that they have members who are knowledgeable about lighting. This policy is to keep the community safe and to keep our equipment in working order.

Equipment charges are based on standard equipment rental fees, unless a deal has been worked out previously. Our rates are generally much lower than the rates for comparable equipment from external rental companies.

Expendables charges are based on approximate cost of equipment such as tape, gels, and lamps.

Our equipment rental prices are as follows:

Conventional InstrumentsPrice
Altman Scoop 154$5
ETC Source 4 PAR$5
ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal$10
Intelligent LightingPrice
Vari-Lite VL1000TS Moving Spot$100
Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot (LED moving light)$125
Chauvet COLORado LED PAR (RGB)$30
Chauvet COLORdash LED PAR (RGBA)$40
ADJ Element QA (RGBA)$20
ADJ Elemnet Hex (RGBAW+UV)$25
Chroma-Q Color Force 72$125
Wybron Color Scroller (including power supplies, cable)$25
Dimmers and BoardsPrice
Leprecon ULD360DMX-HP 6-channel pack$25
ETC Sensor rack 24x2.4kW, with feeder cable (Walker use) $75
ETC Sensor rack 24x2.4kW, with feeder cable (external use)$150
Leprecon LP624 24-channel 2-scene board$20
ETC Express 24/48 board with display$50
High End Systems Hog iPC intelligent console with 2 displays$100
Power DistributionPrice
Multi-Cable (6x2kW with break-ins and outs) [50']$10
Multi-Cable (6x2kW with break-ins and outs) [75']$15
Multi-Cable (6x2kW with break-ins and outs) [125']$20
ADJ WiFLY EXR Tranceiver$20
Aluminum lighting tree, 8', with top bar$5
Applied L11 11' crank lift, with top bar$10

Regular power and data cable, safety cable, and other non-expendable ancillaries are always free with a rental. More information is available upon request.