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About Us

E33 Productions is an all-purpose production group that works with groups from the MIT community. E33 helps with all sorts of events ranging from cultural shows to conferences and banquets.

Contact Us

Please email us at with any show requests or inqueries that you have. See the services page for more information on how to hire us for your event.

Current Officers

The officers may be reached at Please do not use for reservation requests; you should email for that purpose.

Officers are elected at the end of every school year. Each officer position lasts for one year.

Membership and How to Join E33

E33 Productions works to serve the MIT community and therefore we are comprised entirely out of members from the MIT community. E33 is centered around a tight knit group of officers and Production Managers. E33 has grown to include members from each part of the MIT community ranging from other theatrical groups to students in all disciplines.

If you are interested in working in technical theater on the MIT campus, please feel free to contact us at We hold a few introductory training sessions at the beginning of each year; during the year, anyone wishing to join should schedule an appointment to meet with the officers.

E33 pays its members. To be an E33 member, you must complete an in-person safety training session, an online safety training session, and a waiver. To be a paid member, you must be on MIT's payroll (or eligible to be on MIT's payroll). Any and all MIT affiliates are welcome to join, although we can only pay members who are eligible to be on MIT's payroll.

E33 has a table each year at the CPW Activities Midway and the Orientation Activities Midway. Come and say hello!

Mission Statement

E33 Productions is an ASA recognized student group. By recognizing a demand for increased support during the running of events, E33 seeks to work with other groups to ensure high quality, low stress events.

E33 has 5 main goals, incorporating the MIT spirit of cooperation:

As a member of the MIT community, E33 looks to be a service that groups can call upon for help. In recognition of this community involvement, E33 works with students and faculty to provide services tailored to the unique MIT environment.

E33 is looking to provide a complete set of services including lighting design, equipment installation, board operation, and more. Many services are available on campus to student groups; E33 looks to fill the gaps between other on campus services. Through a thorough educational experience, E33 provides trained personnel to groups that don't have the in-house expertise to manage most equipment.


Being a member of the MIT community, E33 has a general constitution. The constitution outlines the general principles that guide E33 Productions.

The E33 constitution is available for download.

File IconClick to download e33constitution.pdf